The Boat Race 2019 Enhanced Odds

The Boat Race 2019
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Sport: Athletics
Starts: 24th Mar 2019
Ends: 27th Mar 2019
Location: London, England
Official website:
Who will win the boat race Oxford or Cambridge, it's a simple choice and one that could earn you a ton of cash.

This event is steeped in history and is no stranger to drama, boats sinking and oars clashing! Who knows what will happen in 2018! IN 2017 Oxford won the race against all odds, that's what's good about this event - it's a flip of a coin!

The first Oxford against Cambridge boat race was all the way back in 1829, which is almost 200 years ago! The course that the race follows is from Putney to Mortlake covering a distance of 4.2 miles. Cambridge have the upper hand in terms of wins leading Oxford by 82-79. The race has also ended in a dead heat on one occasion in 1877. Although Cambridge have the most overall wins, Oxford have been dominating the last 15 or so years.

The race is a hugely popular sporting event drawing in crowds of over 250,000 people along the banks of the river Thames. The event is also televised and has millions of viewers.

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Previous Mens Team Winners:

2017 - Oxford.

2016 - Cambridge.

2015 - Oxford.

2014 - Oxford.

2013 - Oxford.

2012 - Cambridge.

2011 - Oxford.

2010 - Cambridge.

Previous Ladies Boat Race Winners:

Cambridge - 42 wins.

Oxford - 30 wins.

The Boat Race News Headlines

James Cracknell trains with Cambridge team-mates ahead of Boat Race
- James Cracknell, 46, will be the oldest ever competitor in the Boat Race. ... part of for so long could learn a thing or two from the Boat Race squads.

University Boat Race: Double Olympic Champion James Cracknell to become competition's oldest ...
- Double Olympic Champion James Cracknell is set to be the oldest competitor in the Boat Race when he rows for Cambridge next month.


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